United by Blue

Hello! Sorry I haven’t posted in a little bit, I haven’t been feeling very inspired. But, I did find this amazing company called ‘United by Blue’. They make the coolest products and they have a great story.


1. Cooper Laptop pouch, 2. Meriweather scarf, 3. Braddock Backpack, 4. Jenny beaded bracelet

Also, today I went to Haight Ashbury to go check out the Buffalo Exchange they have down there, it was very cool. I found some great pieces, none of which I bought but, I did sell some things to them in exchange for store credit, with which I got a pair of candy floss pink sunnies :]


My Outfit // 2

Hello. You may not know that I go to a uniform school so, today I’m going to show you my feet..

Converse and Spotted socks

DayBreak (Photo shoot)

Hello :] These are some pictures from a photo shoot I did with some of my friends. I hope you like them.

olivia1I love how this shiny jacket from Anthropologie sparkles in the sunlight.

ImageImageImageThat’s Jordan in the blue polkadot shirt from Quiksilver.ImageI was so happy with the lighting in this shot :]

ImageThe sun set behind the houses on the other side of my street so, there was a perfect amount of light to get the dreamy feel for this shot.



Fashion. Photography. Travel. Repeat.

That’s my life. I was born in London. I live in San Francisco. I love photography and grilled cheese. Fashion is art. You live your life in it. I love it.

Oh by the way…I’m Bella.