Airplane things I need.

Hello. Today I am going to be showing you my most needed airplane things. Basically my “Airplane things” are the things I put in my carry on. Lets get started! 


1. A nice bag.

Obviously you need something to carry everything in. My favorite larger bag right now is My Marc by Marc Jacobs ‘Quentin Mash Up Tote’

2. My iPhone 

I use this to play games, Instagram at the airport, and take photos. 

3. Laptop

Sometimes I write or draw while I’m on the plane and frankly, I don’t want my laptop under the plane.

4. Scarf

I always bring a scarf in my bag for 3 reasons. One, the chairs can be very itchy and it’s nice to throw a scarf over the seat. Two, sometimes the blankets are itchy. Three, I might get cold. So, I always bring a big scarf with me.

5. Headphones

I like to bring my Headphones with me so I can watch movies, listen to music and cancel the noise a little. The reason I don’t use Earbuds is because the noise always seeps through and I can never hear anything.

6. My Moleskine journal.

I like to bring this so I can sketch and journal on the plane.

7. A snack

I buy a snack once I get through security so the options are limited but, I can normally find a bar or some chips to take with me. 

8. Pencils and pens

You never know when you might need them.




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