New York // Day 1

Hello. I’m in My New York Hotel this Morning waiting to go to the Empire state but ,while I wait I thought I would write a recap of yesterday, Let’s go.

ImageWe arrived at JFK early because our flight from SFO eft before schedule. The only downside of that is that we had to wait for our car to come get us. Once we got in the car we drove into  Midtown, which was very loud and smelly for a San Franciscan. We finally got to our hotel and chilled for a few minutes.


Then we went to check out Grand Central Station. I already loved it on the outside but, the inside is incredible. I love the ceiling and the tiny openings in it making it look like the stars are shining.


We then came back to the hotel to get changed for dinner and I wore a nice dress from Forever 21. Just to let you know, I don’t normally shop there but, I had somewhere to be and I needed a nice, cheap dress. The dress is a thin material that moves in the wind. It is red with navy polka-dots and it has a peter pan collar. And in case you were wondering, We went to the restaurant Casa Lever on Park Avenue and E 53rd Street. It is a delicious ‘Modern’ Italian restaurant. I had Squid Ink Pasta with Lobster and it was magnificent.


Then, at about 10.30, we decided to go see Times Square at night. It was the brightest thing I have ever seen. I really liked it especially because of all the people there, the energy was amazing. Then we just wandered back to our hotel at fell asleep.




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