New York // Day 2

Yesterday was probably the best day of my life. Let me explain. So, we woke up at 7.45 and went to get breakfast around 9. I had amazing Brioche french toast with roasted strawberries which were extremely sweet but, very delish.


After breakfast we headed for the Empire State building. We walked down there from our hotel and now I understand the “Sea of people” saying. We went all the way to the 102nd floor and i was very cool. Apart from a plane, that’s the highest I’ve ever been.


Then we took the subway up to 7th Ave and we got of and walked to MoMA. Now, i’ve been to MoMA in San Francisco but, the New York MoMA is another thing entirely. Anyway, we took the escalators up to the 3rd floor to see the photography part of the museum. We strolled through a  lot of the museum, including the impressionism an some Andy Warhol-esque stuff. Then we went back to our hotel and, obviously, chilled out.


Then we took a cab to The East Village to see a production, that my second cousin helped with, at La Mama. Before the show we went and got dinner at this very nice restaurant…Peels.

We then saw the show and went to The Bowery to get some food after. I nad no idea how cool The Bowery was until we got there. You walk in through these wooden framed doors with big gold stamped letters saying “B” and “H”. The lobby is very vintage feeling, with the dimmed lighting and velvet chairs. We sat in the corner, towards the window facing the eating deck outside.

I was just sitting there chatting with my other second cousin when she asks me, “Hey, belle, Is that Alexa Chung?” So, I tun my head and waiting to be seated is THE Alexa Chung. Obviously, I was beside myself. It was so cool to see her in her Chanel coat and cool puled up hair. So, while me and Liz were freaking out another group of socialites walk in. Of which included, wait for it…….Poppy Delevingne. For those of you who haven’t heard of her, she is a English Socialite who happens to be in Vogue. A lot. So, I stared at her for over twenty minutes. I loved her clothes, shoes, hair, she’s just gorgeous. Anyway, eventually our eyes met and I waved at her. She waved back at gave the universal gesture to come over. So I did. She asked what my name was and other very normal questions but, I couldn’t get over the fact I was having a conversation with Poppy Delevingne, #noregrets. After a minute I commented on her fabulous outfit which was.. a brand new Dolce & Gabbana dress with a stunning fabric design, gold sparkly Givenchy Wedges and a very laid back hairstyle that probably took thirty minutes to do. Then, I asked her if I could meet Alexa Chung and she said, “Of course” and went outside to talk to her. She came back in and gestured for me to follow her out. I went and then had a quick conversation with two of the coolest socialites EVER. They are so nice and generous to have put up with a twelve year old gawking at their clothes and telling them how gorge they look.


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